Obstacle Course Kit Monkey Bar Kit 56 Foot

There are so many advantages to getting your child or children involved in a sport, other than the fun and entertainment  value, that often parents don’t even realise it. With things like improving their health and fine and gross motor skills, to building friends that will be with them for life,  becoming active in a sport is a great way to enhance not only your child’s life, but yours as well, as you as a parent, get to  share in their life by watching and supporting them. Even from an early age they’ll learn things that will benefit them later in life; whether it’s as a team or an individual: respect, confidence, teamwork and trust are just a few of the lessons they will learn that they can use as they grow into adults. With so many different sports available to your child, each with their own advantages, and a wide variety of locations and  ability levels: from beginners to professional, there is sure to be something that your child will love. Concerning this item SAFETY FEATURES-we count on security first. Our ninja warrior line obstacle program are constructed from sturdy materials, a number of tiers of quality control throughout the production process. The max suggested weight is 440lbs, parental supervision required, rubber layered gymnastic ring, as well as …

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Dip Bar Stand

Multiple Benefits of Doing Pull Ups There are numerous benefits of doing pull ups. Your back is going to get even larger. Now, when I say your back I am talking about a number of muscles, not merely one. There are approximately four main muscles as part of your back, the most common being your …

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Cast iron kettlebell

The fitness industry is expanding at an alarming rate.  More and more ways of getting fit and strong are being offered from the basic gym to Crossfit, exercise classes, martial arts and many more.  As great as all of these may sound, sometimes it just isn’t possible to fit them into our busy lives.  Whether …

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