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The fitness industry is expanding at an alarming rate.  More and more ways of getting fit and strong are being offered from the basic gym to Crossfit, exercise classes, martial arts and many more.  As great as all of these may sound, sometimes it just isn’t possible to fit them into our busy lives.  Whether you are starting out on your fitness journey and are too embarrassed to go to a gym, work shifts and can’t always make your classes or would just like to do some extra work on top of your current exercise routine, free weights are a great way to do this

Having some weights at home means you can work out whenever and wherever.  When you first get up in a morning, in a spare half an hour you might find you have or maybe even while you’re waiting for your tea to cook.  They aren’t so inflexible that they’re just a ‘fill-in’ though.  If you want to save on gym memberships and solely workout at home then a set of free weights will absolutely allow you to do that.  Your goals will dictate the equipment you will need and this site will be able to point you in the right direction.  Fitness isn’t about going to the best gym or using the latest machines, it’s  pushing your body, burning calories and working your muscles.

So if you are looking to start your fitness journey you have come to right place.  Just click on our getting started page and let us guide you through it

Competition versus Iron Cast Kettlebells: 

This is the most hunted phrase by those who are least familiar with kettlebells. In fact, many people have not even heard of kettlebells. A kettlebell is a metallic ball with a handle extending from one side. It is utilized for full-body movements for gaining power endurance, awesome muscle strength, improved body conditioning, better balance, reduced weight, and even 6-pack abs.

This simple exercising tool are categorized into two chief groups namely, competition and cast iron. While the former are steel-made, modern ones, the latter ones are traditional. Both of them have their own set of pros and cons, and similarities and differences; which vary as per what you wish to achieve according to your preferences and skills.

Comparison based on Features

Traditional iron cast kettlebells are in use by a majority of people and boasts a ball made up of cast iron whose diameter varies as per the weight and manufacturer. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the tool, the bigger is the ball and larger is the slightly rounded handle (only in a few cases). The bottom is flat but its exact dimension differs with the brand.

It is also possible to have a few such iron kettlebells with a layer of rubber or vinyl to keep scratching at bay, which might occur while setting them down repeatedly. However, this coating is insufficient to protect the ball from creating a hole in your floor, in case the weight of the tool is over 4 kg.

Talking about the competition kettlebells, they are the choice of long time users and fans of kettlebell sport. Its unique feature is that it retains the same dimensions irrespective of the weight. As a result, you will find no difference in terms of look in an 8kg and 32kg kettlebell due to which manufacturers try to differentiate with the help of painting in different colors. The consistency in dimensions encompasses the base flatness, the ball, and the handle diameter.

Competition types are usually composed of a single steel piece whose variation in weight differs as the cavity size in the middle. Many of these tools come in square shape handles projecting vertically from the ball.

Comparison based on Training

The type of training is one of the most influencing factors in deciding the type of kettlebell to use. When it comes to training, you will also need to determine the size of the handle diameter, ball size, shape of the handle, and base flatness.

Dynamic Agility Training: Cast iron kettlebell is recommended for dynamic exercises for agility purpose, which encompasses rolls and groundwork. The curving handle along with smaller size make two- hand workouts easier than the square-like style handles of competition equivalents.

Grip Strength Training: Heavy cast iron kettlebells are ideal for those having a goal of grip and forearm strengthening instead of strengthening the full body. This is because of the suitable diameter of the handles that facilitate more forearm, finger, and grip strength. Even the handles perform like fat bars with lifts you do, especially during swings and cleans.

Heavy Strength Training: Competition kettlebells are perfect for heavy strength workouts. With the progress in training, you might require heavier kettlebells, which also means a significant increase in the handle and ball size. These larger tools shall require modifying your form drastically for squats, jerks, and any pose featuring the rack position. Because of the same dimensions irrespective of the size, the competition tools do not require you to modify the basic movements, which make progress easy while focusing on the form and not on weight.

Tall People Training: This is again where competition kettlebells are recommended because of their same size no matter what the size is! In case you utilize a cast iron kettlebell of below 20kg and retain a good form in rack position, the ball tends to rests either atop or near the wrist, which is quite awkward and even risky with repetitions. However, competition kettlebells are long to ensure being in the precise position irrespective of the weight. Further, their large diameter is comfortable for lifts that involve the use of long-term rack holds as well as high repetition lifts.

Juggling: This is another area that influences your decision for choosing the right kettlebell. Most professionals prefer competition kettlebells but cast iron counterparts are ideal for most beginners who prefer a shorter learning spell. Although an 8kg competition and cast-iron kettlebell have the same weight, people consider the former to be heavier in terms of weight. As a result, there is a fear of dropping the tool on their feet with a competition kettlebell. This is why lightweight kettlebells are preferred for juggling.

Truly speaking, the decision regarding the type of kettlebells to use is completely dependent on your fitness goal and training type.

cast iron kettlebell

IGH-QUALITY CAST-IRON KETTLEBELLS: Our Kettlebells are constructed to last made in one strong item cast with double LB/KG markings as well as level wobble-free surface. The single actors makes the kettlebells a lot more solid, a lot more reliable without Welds, Weak Spots, Seams or Burrs. We just use the best materials to use the most effective workout experience feasible.

SLEEK WITHOUT IMPERFECTIONS: The Shogun Sports Kettlebells come out of the mold and then obtain brightened and also painted with rust immune paint to improve the grip. The smooth finish safeguards your hands, wrists and forearms. The finish permits chalk to stick far better and also offer as well as even grippier feeling, enabling you to focus on your exercise and out the kettlebell unclothing your hand.

PAINTED FOR ENHANCED RESILIENCE: Covered with a rust resistant paint that will certainly make certain that your new kettlebells will last for a very long time.

THE EXCELLENT WORKOUT TOOLS: Kettlebells are without a doubt among the most functional exercise devices you can include in your house health club. Kettlebells function muscular tissues you really did not also recognize you had. You only need a collection of Kettlebells to function your entire body.

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